• Leadership Foundation Consulting AS established

  • Re-launch of Diversity Charter

  • Nordic Somali Youth Summit in Stockholm, 200 participants

  • NORSOMbro (Norwegian Somali bridge building) on state budget

  • Launced and implemented “Styrefaglig møteplass for internasjonale” with Elin Hurvenes, forced on increasing international competence on Boards.

  • Top 10 made front page of Dagens Næringsliv, one page in Aftenposten, on NRK radio, breakfast TV on TV2 and 2 page article in A-magasinet

  • Received seed funding to start new company, ”Catalysts”





  • Launched Nordic Somali Youth Summit in Oslo, 104 Somali youth from 4 Nordic countries (www.nordicsomaliyouthsummit.com)

  • Top 10 made front page of Dagens Næringsliv

  • Consulting for Accenture, Lebara, Oslo Kommune, Cultural section, Innovation Norway, Oslo University

  • Series of courses on diversity for ECONA in Oslo, Drammen and Tonsberg

  • Project member of diversity project for Innovation Norway

  • Hidden Assets II research project completed and diagnostic tool on diversity available

  • Received funding to complete Book on diversity, ”The Norsk Mosiakk”

  • Established Leadership Foundation in Sweden as an ”ideele forening”



  • New Nordic Art exhibition in Sweden

  • New Nordic Art Artists dialog in Sweden

  • Top 10 made front page of Dagens Næringsliv

  • Consulting for Accenture, Lebara, Oslo Kommune, Orkla

  • Held training workshops on legal foundations of diversity in Norway

  • Held 2 seminars on recruiting for diversity and diversity management

  • Launched NORSOMbro – Norwegian Somali bridge building to improve states (www.norsombro.no)





  • New Nordic Art launch at Voksenåsen in Oslo, funded by the Nordic Culture Fund and Greig Foundation (www.newnordicart.com)

  • Received funding for feasibility study of Diversity charter in Norway

  • Launched Diversity Charter in January 2011 (www.diversitycharter.no)

  • Top 10 and Top 10 youth leader front page of Aftenposten

  • Facilitated youth dialog on behalf of HRH King of Norway and the Honorable Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean

  • Project Manager for World Championships in Skiing (SKI-VM) for "Felles Start" project. Aim was to have 10% of volunteers from immigrant population.





  • Facilitated training of 30 ”Intercultural Navigators ” in British councils program

  • Top 10 – 5-year jubilee was held at LO kongressenter. Over 150 attended a celebration. Media coverage in TV and print.

  • Introduced Top 10 ung leder

  • Diversity in the Media conference with media representatives from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

  • Attended EU conference on diversity

  • Attended EU Equality summit in Stockholm

  • Held speeches on diversity for Ministry of Integration in Sweden

  • Received funding for Hidden Assets II​





  • Established Leadership Foundation DA (www.leadershipfoundation.no)

  • Course on diversity for 80 mangers at Ministry of Finance

  • Breakfast meeting with managing a Multicultural Workforce - Dr. Gary Weaver, Professor, School of International Service at American University, Laura Traavik of BI and Elisabeth Bøe of British Council

  • Invited to roundtable discussion on diversity and foreign politic organized by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Received funding for Top 10 for 2008 (www.thetop10.no)

  • Received funding for the establishment of Top 10 network

  • Appointed facilitator of British Council Intercultural Navigators, training in London, Stockholm and Berlin

  • Received award to community service from Pan-African organisation