Course Portfolio

Our core course portfolio is based on the key pillars in managing diversity.  We believe that managing diversity entails an understanding of what diversity is and the business case. 


Managing diversity is not possible without knowledge of our own conscious and unconscious bias. Diversity in action requires skills in managing teams, understanding communication styles and handling conflict.  


I. Managing diversity - Part 1. Defining and understanding diversity and the business case revealed. 


II. Managing diversity - Part 2 Self- awareness and self-development course on opening your knowledge of your own conscious and unconscious bias and how your assumptions and impacts your ability to embrace diversity.


III. Managing diversity - Part 3 – Managing your communication skills and understanding cultural baggage.


IV. Managing diversity - Part 4 - Working with teams and handling conflict. We also offer courses  that help you get started on your diversity journey and offer insights in how to improve your recruiting process.



1. Recruiting for diversity – A process approach to give insights on how to increase diversity through your recruiting practices.


2. How to write a diversity strategy – with best practice focus, how to get started with strategies for diversity.