Implementing Diversity

To successfully implement diversity in your organization, the topic needs to be embedded and reflected throughout the organization, its processes as well as its culture. However, every organization is different and therefore has a very individual approach to diversity. This will depend on where you operate, who your employees are and where you find your competencies, which market are you targeting, how you are impacted by legal framework, which sector you operate in.


In order to understand the relevance of diversity for you, the first step is to develop the diversity case for your organization. Why is diversity relevant for you? What is in it for you if we change? Who does your organization wants to be viewed by its stakeholders?



In steps two, three and four we suggest to analyse the status quo, identify gaps and propose specific steps to move forward. A thorough and systematic approach which will allow consistency to enhance a cultural change in how diversity is handled throughout the organization.


All initiatives should be measured regarding their impact. We therefore propose to develop and follow up relevant KPI for your change project, which will allow you to communicate to you stakeholders regarding the status and progress of the project.