The Nordic Somali Youth Summit (NSYS) is a multi-dimensional workshop-driven conference focused on providing relevant capacity-building skills, tools and knowledge to its Somali youth participants. Workshops are designed to provide youth participants with practical knowledge and skills to address the issues that they wish to address and develop a visible platform. 


The 2014 Nordic Somali Youth Summit (NSYS) is the third annual pan-Nordic event, aiming to create awareness on the challenges faced by Somalis throughout the Nordics while creating a space for innovative solutions to these challenges. The one-day Summit brings together 150 participants comprising of Somali youth living in Denmark, Norway and Sweden to create stronger networks and learn from international role models in Copenhagen, Denmark. The theme of the NSYS 2014 is ¨New Generation, New Voice¨ and the Summit will take place on the 6th of June at Eigtveds Pakhus

There are two functional goals of the NSYS:


  • The Summit aims to promote dialogue and discussion around the issues of education, employment and social entrepreneurship opportunities for the Somali community in the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as among different sectors of society including civil society, business, private and public sectors and government. The Summit offers an opportunity to connect engaged Somali-Nordic youth with individuals and organizations that work on issues of diversity and policy making to discuss issues relevant to their daily life.


  • To bring together highly motivated, engaged and talented Somali-Nordic youth to promote continued and future, cross-national cooperation on the aforementioned issues and provide the necessary tools these youths would need to build the future they desire.

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