“You should find a way to get in the way” said U.S. Congressman John Lewis, of Georgia, when attending the NORSOMbro dialogue meeting, September 26th at Cafeteatret. He urged the participants not to remain silent and inactive in the face of injustice and discrimination, but rather stand up and work against injustice through peaceful means for our shared beloved world. His words, and his history as a key civil rights activist, were truly inspirational.

The Congressman called on the Somali community to take responsibility for the future of Norway, as he did with his own country when he became involved in the Civil Right movement. The meeting was a dialogue meeting focusing on the Somalian community in Oslo and some of challenges that they face. The panel responsible for addressing these complicated issues included: former prime-minister Kjell Magne Bondevik from the Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights, Cindy Horst from PRIO, Bashe Mohamed Musse from SOMNOR, Kadra Noor Ahmed  from Primærmedisinsk verksted, Alexander Harang  from the Norwegian Peace Association, and Mohammed Farah, a teacher and welfare worker.

NORSOMbro - Dialog for sustainable change