The project was started in 2004 by Lisa Cooper and Irmelin Drake. The project is based on making 1st generation immigrants visible in the Norwegian society. A unbiased jury chooses the 10 winners each year - 5 of which are women, and 5 of which are men.  



To search for and select 10 (five women and five men) 1st generation immigrants who have shown leadership and/or achieved a leading position in Norwegian work-, social-, and/or cultural life. The project strives to portray the "road to success" and to build rolemodels from international people who have succeeded in Norway.




WHY TOP 10 ?:
- Portray the success stories of people with international backgrounds in Norway to inspire other women and men to achieve their potential. 
- Draw attention  to the 10 winners and use their experiences to create rolemodels for others. 
- Move past the stereotypes of Norwegian immigrants by drawing attention to their personal achievements in the public eye. 
- Promote multiculturalism and internationalism, tolerance and intigration within the Norwegian business sphere. 
- Promote the advantages of increasing integration of international women and men within the Norwegian business sphere. 






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